Because of the premature death of the Mayor of Ohrid, Jovan Stojanoski, the cultural and entertaining spectacle in “Ohrid Winter Fairy Tale” originally scheduled for December 22, Saturday, starting at 8 pm in the Cultural Centre,  “Grigor Prlichev”, is being postponed for January 18, 2019, the day before the most prominent holiday in the town, Epiphany.

In honor of the unexpected and premature death of the mayor of Ohrid, who was a great supporter of cultural spectacle,”Winter Fairy Tale” will be dedicated to him- said the organizers.

The tickets for the “Winter Fairy Tale” are being sold at “Top Market” located at the “Cynar”.

On the most anticipated cultural and entertaining event in Ohrid, Emilija Marinova, Jovan Kucinoski, Jane Todoroski will perform the best holiday songs; actors and comedians Nikola Todorovski and Strezo Stamatovski will perform the latest show of “Two mothers brothers”; Gjoko Taneski, Anatoly Arnaudoski, Vladimir Krechoski, Emilia Koloska, Dimitri Alchev, Gorgi Kalajdziev, Nikola Josifoski and the new star in the Macedonian music industry Antonija Gigovska, prepared a unique project that contains the best rock classics.