About 20 minutes away from Ohrid by car, on the road to Bitola­, on the slopes of Plakenska Mountain, only 2km away from the springs of Golema reka, on an altitude of 1070m above sea, near the village Svinjista, in the Ohrid region, the Nikoloski family’s natural washer “Valajca”, the only one in this region that still functions activly, is seated.

People come here every day to wash blankets, covers or other stuff from their home. They’re washed in a natural centrifuge, in clean cold water with constant temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.

On Valajca, you will find Risto and his son Ljupco, while they’re working hard. They will tell you that nothing washes like Valajca. When they take out the washed hings, it will become clear to you that they’re speaking the truth.

But, Nikoloski’s Valajca, which has a few centuries old tradition, which is passed from one generation to the next one, is becoming attractive for tourists who are coming here to see an old craft which is slowly dying and to enjoy in the nature and the tasty traditional meals, which are homemade and served with love by Nikoloski.

– The idea was born in 2017. We got an offer from the “Fibula” travel agency to create a tourist product, a unique opportunity for the guests who come here on vacation to see a very old craft. For the organized groups we cook fresh fish, or barbecued meat, “komat”, “gjomleze”, “pitulici” (made traditionally), “gravce tavce” in clay dishes… For refreshing we offer homemade cherry juice, blackberry juice, raspberry juice or peach juice.- says Ljupco Nikoloski.

While he was telling us the story about the Valajca, homemade rakija and wine were cooling in the cold water. And the fresh salad made from tomatoes, peppers and sheep cheese in the fresh air cannot be described, but only tasted.

The space surrounding the valajca is being constantly maintained and upgrated by the hard working father and son, Risto and Ljupco. Their goal is, that if the interest increases, to build a small restaurant there and a fish farm.

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